As a full-time teaching-stream professor, I’ve had the opportunity to develop some exciting new courses.

Communicating Science to the Public (CCOM 614) is a one-credit elective for McGill graduate students who are interested in learning how to better communicate to broad audiences about their research.

Communicating Science (CCOM 314) is a three-credit undergraduate elective taken mostly by science students who would like to write and create podcasts to share their scientific knowledge with broader audiences.

Writing the Internet (CCOM 315) is a three-credit elective taken by arts and commerce students who are interesting in critically exploring and then creating popular digital genres. Through the course, students develop their own websites which may serve as a writing portfolio.

More courses are in development!

In 2019, I was honoured to receive student-nominated Distinguished Teaching Award. Thank you to my students, department, and faculty. I appreciate every opportunity to learn with you.